09/23/2018 - Kaiti, Jenn and Malinda

Celebrating Jenn’s Birthday with a girls weekend! #wyominggirlssouthdakotagirlsunite #hiking #wentupthewrongsideofthemountain #shopping #wheresmycoat #sockswithsandals #bonfires #cocktails #wehadablast

We hiked: Community Caves, Devils Bathtub (Our Favorite), Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Falls

Until Next Time!


8/19/2018 - Jack - Chicago (age 10 years old)

I came from Chicago, IL and I enjoyed the landscape of Wickiup. I may have not had the best attitude but I really liked staying at the Ranger Cabin.


8/19/2018 - Tom R., Chicago, IL

This little book has accidentally made it 400 miles away to another part of South Dakota. I accidentally packed it up with all of my own stuff upon leaving “Ranger” cabin. Didn’t realize my error until reaching my next destination and unpacking. While at “Ranger” cabin, my young boys tubed the creek and had a blast doing it, even in the quite cold water. They also attempted trout fishing but to no avail due to our lame rig and our inexperience. But we had fun anyway. Saw ‘em, didnt catch ‘em. The Ranger cabin was charmingly rustic, but a place where memories with family can be made to be cherished for years, with fond reflection, even as I am doing now some 400 miles and a few days away. This cabin is a vanishing breed with so much of the population wanting cushy environments without classic charm. Those few of us seeking such rustic appeal savor just such a place as this. And the owners are doing a great job with upkeep. My two boys stayed in the porch beds. Even with a strong rain one night, the boys beds did not get wet. Thankfully. My wife is originally from South Dakota, and she regards “The Hills” as a proto-typical in-state vacation destination. Myself, I have been coming to South Dakota since a family trip here in year 1976 as a summer vacation with my mother. She had been to The Hills herself as a child in 1940/1950s with her own parents. Places such as The Needles Highway, the road pigtail bridges, the tunnel views to Mount Rushmore, those types of things only get better with the years, both mine and theirs. Luckily the people of South Dakota also value these places, and thus they keep those places up or repair them so that us visitors see the joy in them without being distracted by deterioration. This makes me want to return year after year. Thank you Wickiup and Ranger Cabin.


07/18/2018 - Marlowe

10 out of 10. Sorry for my poor handwriting but anyways, this place is so cute. I’m from Florida and we have been road tripping all through the country and this is def one of the best places we have stayed!


07/07 - 07/11/2018 - Ashley, Chris and Alex F.

This is the first big trip I have taken with my boys before and after my divorce, I came up here with my ex in laws but that is not what they are, they are family. I was in this cabin with 5 kids ranging from 10 to 5 years old. It was a blast. This place has helped me come closer to my family. Thanks for the great place to stay and reconnect!


Sturgis Rally 2016 - Nancy, Bob, Frank and Jordan.

Thank you! It had been a great vacation! Met lots of nice people and had fun at the campfire!


8/1/2015 - Deb and Frank, IL

Pleasant surprise - little secret cabins we didn't know about.   Driving by for years and never seen this place.  Love the vintage "Lucy Ball" refrigerator.   Enjoyed the group fire with other campers. Nice people. No jerks.  Had planned to leave for home but decided one more night. Glad they had Ranger open.  We will plan on coming back soon!  **1st trip together...not the last. Met on OK Cupid 4 weeks ago!**


7/30/2015 - Joe M., MO

One week in Ranger almost isn't enough. Perfect out of the way cabin.  Close to all attractions. People were wonderful. Cabin was perfect. Weather great.  Pre-Rally week is smart! Outstanding vacation for cruising on the harley.  Plan on being a regular now.  PS Don't tell anyone about this place. It's out little secret! 


7/30/2015 - Terry and Shelia, MI (Roomies with Joe)

Welcome to one of the most beautiful places on Gods planet.  Seriously!  We loved the cabin. Thank goodness for the heater.  Never thought I would survive without AC. HAHA. Didn't want it or need it.  Best sleeping weather ever.  Trout fishing is great here too and grilling them was one of the tasty treats to remember.   This was truly one of the trips of a lifetime: Mt. Rushmore, Needles Highway, Sturgis, Deadwood, the cabin, the weather, the harley's, the people, the food. Awesome.  Happy Happy Happy!


7/23/2015 - Anders, Elsa and Nils, WI

Great time at this cabin! Lots of space, plenty of generous amenities and an adorable little village.  One of my personal favorite features was the creek tubing.  I would definitely recommend this place.  If you are staying here, make sure you see.....Mt. Rushmore, Cosmo's Mystery Area, Crazy Horse Memorial (and the laser light show at 9:30pm), Wall Drug, Evans Plunge, Downtown Rapid City, Badlands and Corn Palace!


7/19 - 7/22/2015 - Kenzie, Fuller, AJ and Shelley, ND

Written by Kenzie.  Our family had an awesome time here. I hope we can come back next year.  I am glad there were no out houses and that there were heaters.  We went tubing in the creek and tipped over a lot! Hope to see you next year! BYE!


7/8/2015 - Lance and Joyce, OK

We have had a great time here.  Love God's beautiful creation. This is a great place to slow down and re-charge. Thanks for this cabin - we loved it here.