Welcome to Wickiup Cabins where adventure or relaxation can go hand in hand.  We have what you are looking for.  Perhaps, a wedding destination, family reunion, small company retreat or a destination for relaxing while enjoying our mountain streams and quiet peaceful settings under our 80 foot spruce trees.

It is here you can also come for hunting, ATV riding, rock climbing above and below us, mountain biking, fishing, riding the Mickelson Trail, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse or historic Lead Deadwood to name some of our Black Hills offerings. 

We are the destination without the cost of a ticket for every ride you have while with us. 

We are located central to the Northern Black Hills at the top of Spearfish Canyon 10 minutes west of Lead Deadwood on Highway 85.  Wickiup has the monopoly on Spearfish Creek.  Long gone are the cabin camps that once provided memories for children to older folks never to be forgotten.  Warm summer days of tubing, fishing, panning for those gold flakes or just skipping rocks.


Activities at Wickiup Cabin Village are only limited to the imagination something many parents realize as they watch their children run hither and yon squealing with excitement as that imagination comes to life in a way not often seen in this day and age.  The creek with trout, the birds, flowers, pesky squirrels teasing anyone they can get a rise out of to the mountains that backs up to our cabins and the kid forts that never quite see completion but do show effort.

The Mickelson Trail is just over the hill from us with about 109 miles of wonderful scenery.  There are long and short hiking trails.  There are ponds and miles and miles of creek to be explored or fished.  The mining museum in Lead can teach you about gold and a pan can be had to sift for the elusive flakes that can be found in many places of the Hills.   As the seasons change, chokecherries and raspberries are a hiking treat and still later our fall colors stand with those of the eastern states and bring folks from around the country to see a beauty that lasts just a very few short weeks.