Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need to bring bedding, towels, grills?

A:  Wickiup supplies all of your bedding and towels.  We do have extra blankets, pillows and and towels if needed.  We do provide a charcoal grill outside of every cabin but you will need to provide the charcoal. 

Q: What time can we check in and when do we have to be out by?

A: Check in is at 2PM and check out at 10AM.  If you have special needs and your cabin is ready,  we see no problem in you checking in a little early.  We request that you please call us before you arrive early.  We have a tight schedule with 20 cabins and 4 hours between check out and check in and ask for your consideration in those really busy times so we don't have to move our check in times back.

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?

With cancellations, you deposit will be refunded if you can re-rent your entire stay or we can move your reservation to a later part of the season.                                                                                        

Q: Is there air conditioning and heat in the cabin?

A: All cabins do have a gas heater.  Wickiup is located in what is called "ice box canyon."  Most of our guests will use their heaters for the whole season.  The warmest part of the day is usually the part of the day where you are out exploring the beautiful black hills.  We do have extra box fans for use if needed.

Q: Is there WIFI and cell reception?

 A:  WIFI is available at Wickiup but be pre warned it is LIMITED at best.  Cell reception is also limited to non-existent.  We do have a land line phone available in our office for emergencies.