Wickiup Cabins sit on Spearfish Creek,  8 miles west of Lead/Deadwood on Highway 85 near Cheyenne Crossing.  GPS has taken folks for all night rides in our part of the country.  We sit just off the Highway 85 blacktop 200 yards west of Cheyenne Crossing just across the Spearfish Creek Bridge.  If you are coming in from Newcastle Wy from the west and hit Cheyenne Crossing, go back a couple hundred yards and turn in at the large yard light over the top of our separately lit entrance sign.  Click on the pointer on the right and it will take you to a large interactive map.>>> 

BTW, there is the story of the family following their GPS through the dirt trails in the Badlands.  It really wasn't leading them anywhere but they followed until it rained and the gumbo stuck them for emergency crews to help them out of there.  GPS is nice, but don't trust it off the main improved roads.

Contact Info: 


TEXT ONLY: 605-580-6873





A first name helps for good communications.
A phone number is nice in case your email doesn't hit us for some reason, we can return the call to let you know that we are not ignoring your request.
The date you want to check in as well as the date you want to check out simplifies along with the number in your party and the sleeping arrangements desired such as couples or children etc.

At Wickiup Cabins we pride ourselves on quick answers to your requests.  Our office hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM daily with a couple  hours out for church on Sunday morning.    

The phone is always on our hip so a call if there are questions or issues is what we expect whether is it before or after hours.  We like the before and after hours calls to be for reservations and issues that need attention and will be more than willing to help plan your day during our working hours.  That said, you the guest are who we serve. 


Wickiup Policies

At Wickiup Cabins, we don't have a ton of policy's.  Of course we all need to know what the majority of our guests expect when they visit us.  The campfire pit is a great place to congregate with music, stories, laughter and sometimes just quiet time to reflect.  We expect quiet by 10 PM and EXTREME quiet by 10:30 PM.  There are many sleeping porches within shouting distance of the fire-pit and our guest's rest, comfort and security is our NUMBER 1 priority. 

Occasionally we rent all the cabins to one group and they set many of our rules for that time frame.  During the Sturgis Bike Rally we loosen the quiet time rules slightly, but most are tired from long days of riding and all the fun just wears a person out, specially for those of us aging bikers.

Dogs are welcome at a charge of $15/day for dogs under 25lbs.  $25/day for dogs 25 to 60 lbs and $35/day for dogs over 60lbs. They must be leashed and picked up after and I'm the lucky guy you get to deal with if they are not paid for in advance.  Our housekeeping spends great amounts of time assuring non dog lovers of a clean facility.

Our linens and towels are not rags.  We have quantities of rags for bikes, cars, boots, pets, makeup and what have you.  We also supply a basket of rags in each cabin that would love to take care of all your clean up needs.

It is the responsibility of the last person at the campfire (adult) to put the fire out cold with the water hose provided.                       

There is firewood on the mountain side and when there is  time we provide wood or the help to get the wood cut.

Our booking and cancellation policy is:  1/2 down for cabin rentals at the time of booking and the balance due at check in.  If it is a family reunion, wedding or multiple group booking of any type, the deposit is 1/2 at date of reservation and the balance due 60 days prior to check in so we can work to get those cabins rented to those guests not able to rent due to that large booking. 

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally bookings are: 1 night due at time of booking.  1/2 will be due Jan. 1st while the remaining balance will be due on May 1st.

Cancellations are:  Fully refundable on any cabin as long as we can re-rent your cabin for your entire stay.  While we can not guarantee the re-renting of your cabin, we do guarantee we will do our absolute best to do so.