Someone decided to play Hide and Seek with our comments book, so we have a bit of a treasure hunt on our hands!

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We had a black bear in Spearfish Canyon last week (late April 2016).  No paw prints at Wickiup!



7/18 - 7/19/2016 - The Smith Family, Kansas City

What a wonderful, relaxing trip!  We enjoyed our stay.  Thank you for helping us make this vacation memorable!


7/17/2016 - Angie, Jeni and Kids

Thank you for your hospitality and the great deal on the room!  We enjoyed our stay!


7/15 - 7/17/2016 - Morlan Family Reunion

Great times, great people, even better location!  We have come here several years for it and love it.  So we keep coming back!


6/16 - 6/19/2016 - Lesselyoung Family Reunion

Happy Father's Day! Great weekend at Bear Paw and Wickiup! Cant wait to come back soon! #dibsfornextyear